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flexible + integrated

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At home on the move: Mobility and modern life

Our society is becoming increasingly urban: More and more people live and work in cities that are growing steadily larger. The newly industrializing countries in particular are faced with the challenge of ensuring that these mega-cities are adequately provided in an environmentally sustainable manner with goods, infrastructure and housing.
Technical developments are directed, on the one hand, towards designing vehicles, buildings and appliances that use less energy and more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, more and more components are being networked and becoming simpler to operate with the aid of intelligent systems: They adapt themselves flexibly to the needs of users, offering seamless access to content and services. Intelligent planning and design enable us to avoid unnecessary journeys, save energy and conserve natural resources.

Traffic volumes will continue to rise in the coming years. The increasing integration of the global economy and the intensified division of labor demand greater mobility of people and goods the world over. With the aid of intelligent systems and seamless monitoring, goods can be allocated to the optimum transport routes available to ensure they arrive at their destination at precisely the right time.

The car is and remains our principal means of transport – even in times of high fuel prices. Innovations in automobile technology make cars safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly. Improved engines use less fuel, catalytic converters clean up exhaust fumes and sensors support and monitor everything from the wheels to the blink of the driver’s eye. How long will it be before our cars drive themselves and talk to other vehicles to decide which route is best, fastest and safest?

It is not only on the roads that we are surrounded by the latest technology – our homes, too, are nowadays more than just a roof over our heads. A host of appliances make life easier, providing security, comfort and entertainment. Intelligent management helps to save energy and time. The biggest challenge is to seamlessly interconnect a variety of systems in order to create a new level of service in our own homes.